Check out this cute and rare moment shared by quadruplet baby girls dressed in pink!

I remember wanting to have a big family ever since I was a little kid. I was the youngest of three brothers and for some reason, I always wanted to have more brothers and sisters. I remember asking my mother for a baby brother when I was about 8 years old. She just laughed and said, “what do you want a baby brother for?”

I told her that I wanted a little brother to play with. “But you already have two older brothers,” she continued. I knew that but because they were older than me, they would not play with me. I mean, I didn’t feel lonely or anything because I had many friends that I played regularly with. Nevertheless, I wanted to see what it felt to be a big brother.

One of my friends did come from a large family. He had 10 brothers and sisters! His family was very nice, and I liked hanging out with him. I remember my mother’s face when she heard my friend had 10 siblings! She couldn’t believe it and even asked him about it. My friend, Chris, had gotten used to those questions and would answer knowing the type of responses that his answers generated.

After I grew up and came to terms with me not having a younger brother, I wanted to have twins. I researched a lot on the subject and found out that your chances of having twins would increase if one of the parents had twins in their family. Because I didn’t have any twins on my side of the family, I figured that I would need to marry someone who did. That of course, didn’t happen.

I met a few couples over the years who had had twins. They described the experience as a blessing with a lot of work involved. They would say that the tough part would be at the beginning when they were babies and before they could walk. They said that once they learned how to walk, life would go very fast from then on. One couple that I met had triplets and they described it like a once in a lifetime experience.

The following video presents a unique picture. This family has grown very rapidly. The couple didn’t have twins or triplets, they had quadruplets! They are four little girls that have filled their hearts with delight. In this part of the video, they are sharing a unique moment with their parents. Get ready for four bundles of joy that are heading your way and will light up your screen!