Check out how Pinterest inspired this man to give his backyard an awesome makeover!

Home improvement projects are a good part of the reason that men get tools. Just going to purchase them is enough to make you feel that you’re in the top layers of the food chain. Getting a drill or a table saw tells the people around you, “Hey, I can handle anything that life throws at me.” Giving your home, a face-lift is only the start of this wonderful journey.

I got started in carpentry way back when I was about eleven. It was because of a course that I ‘needed’ to take in school. We had these courses that were supposed to teach us skills we could use later on in life. My choice was carpentry because that was my father’s suggestion. “You’ll be able to build anything you want later,” he said.

The idea of being able to build anything was really appealing to me. My first projects did not look good. I mean, it’s not like they were falling apart. They held their own, but they could use some trimming around the edges. I felt very good when I made a spice cabinet and my mother ended up using it. People she would have over for coffee would ask where she had gotten it, and she would say that it had been me.

This gave me the encouragement I needed. I made a few night tables and some outdoor furniture. My skills had been improving and by the end of the school year, they got very good. I would also go to see one of my father’s friends who owned a construction company. My father had suggested that I go and work with him on weekends, which I did.

This gave me the chance to learn how to build many interesting things. I learned how to build closets, big cabinets and a lot of exterior furniture. I worked with him for about 3 years. This was when I was on vacation or had some free time on weekends. I don’t build many things anymore because I ended up in a totally different line of business, but it’s a great hobby to have.

Building stuff for your house can also be a therapeutic experience, as the man in the next video will prove. He had been struggling with cancer and depression for a long time. He started talking to his friends and told them about a project he has wanted to start. They decide to pitch in for supplies and a few of them even lent him the tools.

Watch this time-lapse and see the incredible transformation this backyard goes through, at the hands of this talented carpenter.