Check Out This Video Filled With Heartwarming Reunions Between Servicemen And Their Dogs! I Am Tearing Up!

Permanently moving away from home is usually a very difficult experience. Learning the best way to cope with missing your loved ones and loneliness can be a huge source of stress. Added to this is the uncertainty of when you will be able to see your loved one again. This makes serving overseas as a soldier or marine a very big sacrifice.

Whenever I come across a video of servicemen or women coming home after a long time, months and even years, I feel moved. The emotion and all the love that their families have stored for them are incredible.

I feel very happy to see them together with their parents, spouses and kids, however when I see videos of soldiers reuniting with their pets I end up tearing up even! While we know that our family misses us dearly when we are away from home, it’s sometimes easy to forget that our pets miss us just as much!

The video below feature various touching clips of soldiers reuniting with their pets after spending time away from them. It’s a heartwarming compilation that will bring a smile to your face. I love how the pets react!

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