This Cheeky Pair Of Twins Get Some Marshmallows. Their Reaction? ROFL!

Marshmallows are awesome! They’re fluffy pink and white clouds with a flavour that everone adores. They don’t fill you up! You can eat them out the bag, you can toast them on the campfire if you want them warm and runny as a special treat! Put ‘em on a mug of hot chocolate, make s’mores, throw them, skewer them, or do whatever the hell you want. The list of possibilities is exciting and endless!

Adults love these treats too (can you tell from our enthusiasm?) Marshmallows are made with consistently whipped sugar candies so what is there not to like? Unless you’re a dentist.

Marshmallows have become the number one snack/treat for lots of us. And when a plate comes out for them you know that you are in for a real meal.

This hilarious pair of twins LOVE marshmallows sooo much we think the one on the right only learned to get up and toddle so that she could go fetch the packet from the larder herself! And bless her, she DOES share, kinda!

Do you think their daddy gave them some more for being so entertaining? Watch this video to see what this pair of twins does to some hefty amount of marshmallow.

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