Cheeky Puppy Tries Convincing His Owner to Buy All the Toys in Pet Store

It’s a dog’s dream to be able to go to the pet store and pick out a new toy or treat. When a Jack Russell Terrier named Ari got the opportunity, his excitement got the best of him, and he just couldn’t decide.

Ari’s owner leads him to a table in the pet store with fun squeaky toys, tennis balls, and bones to choose from. After spotting a hedgehog-shaped toy, he brought the display down to let Ari pick out the exact one he wanted.

Using his quick-thinking skills and intelligent canine nature, Ari dragged the entire display, hoping he’d get to keep all the toys. It’s hard not to laugh as the precious pup continuously attempts to trick his owner.

While we doubt he got to keep every last squeaker, it’s safe to assume he went home with a new toy that he loved. Now we need footage of Ari playing fetch or going on another shopping adventure.