This Cheeky Seal Crosses The Road Every Day To Get Free Fish From This Seafood Restaurant

Wouldn’t it be great to live somewhere that lets you just walk across the street for every meal? Wouldn’t it be better if your meals were free? One lucky seal in Ireland has the perfect set up, as far as food goes.

This video was uploaded not long ago to YouTube, showing Sammy the seal’s daily exodus from his place in the harbor to his favorite seafood restaurant. He heaves himself out of the water and shimmies to the road, where locals keep an eye out for him.

From there he approaches the Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant. Initially, one of the restaurant staff tries to chase him off with a chair, but Sammy is having none of it.

Finally, the staffer relents and heads inside. Seconds later he reappears, and heaves a nice, fat fish into the water. Sammy turns and heads back in, only to pop out a few seconds later, ready for more food!

Check out this cheeky interaction in the video below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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