This Chef Says That Everyone Carves Their Turkey The Wrong Way

Mark Dommen is a chef-partner of San Francisco’s One Market Restaurant. He is here to teach us tricks on how to carve a turkey the right way and tell us what we’ve been doing wrong all these years, but without embarrassing us in front of our family. In this clip, he advises viewers against wrong turkey carving approaches and first demonstrates the wrong way to do things. Are you carving your turkey the right way? Watch this clip below to figure out!

The first tip he gives us seems like an obvious one, but it is probably something few people think about. He says we should use a very sharp knife. You would think that if we were getting ready to carve a bird, we would know that, but most people just don’t think about it.

He also says that we should not carve at the dining table as much as you might want to. With so many people watching, we are more likely to make a mess of it. And you definitely should not hack at the turkey without a plan, and a plan is exactly what Mark is going to give us. For a detailed full list of dos and don’ts, watch this video.

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