Chef Starts Preparing A Very Elaborate Meal. I Couldn’t Believe Who It Was For.

We love our pets. We make sure that they are well-fed, their bathroom needs are met and give them love and attention. Though we probably don’t go as far as YouTube star JunsKitchen does for his cat, Kohaku. No, nothing but the best for this cat. Not all of us can be high-caliber chefs that can make meals like this. Our deficiencies there still don’t make this video any less mesmerizing.

We see Jun making a meal involving fresh fish. He chops them up using more and more elaborate cooking knives. His economy of motion is amazing. Kohaku is an appreciative audience. The chef even shows him another part of the meal every now and then. This is no simple dinner either. It involves portable stoves, strainers, coffee pots and larger and larger knives. Finally, he sets the meal down in front of the kitty and as an alternative, puts a bowl of hard cat food. Kohaku scarfs down the prepared meal and ignores the other dish.

Jun gives a thumbs up to the camera, clearly pleased that Kohaku chose the meal that he prepared as opposed to the hard food that he put in the other plate. He even licked the bowl clean. What a sign of respect! Or he could have just really liked the food… I would think that utilizing my time preparing a dish for another human being would be more rewarding, but that’s just me.

The video has an amusing ending. Kohaku is perched on top of the fridge watching Jun clean the dishes. Finally, Jun finishes and reaches over, turning off the lights, ending the video. It’s clear that he’s done something like this before for the kitty. The two share a fun bond. I’m not getting anywhere near this technical with my cat’s food. I’m clumsy enough opening a can, so trying to chop these morsels would cause me to lose fingers.

Wasn’t it amusing seeing him make this elaborate meal for Kohaku? I loved it and I’m nowhere near chef material. What did you think? Please leave a comment below!

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