Chevy Chase shows Johnny his hilariously famous “fall” gag

Chevy Chase and Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson was a nighttime talk show host who could talk to his audience about current issues in a funny way. His show was famous because he was a good listener who interestingly put things through. Moreover, he knew what could make a good segment for the talk show; thus, the audience wanted more of him. Recently, one of his interviews with Chevy Chase, the genius American comedian, garnered a lot of online attention.

Chevy Chase

Carson knew what would bring his audience back to his show at 11:30pm. Many critics thought that his guest selection made his fans wait for him. However, his loyal audience knew that Johnny made every show incredibly entertaining.

His guests were some of the best-known celebrities of that era. They always supported Carson. His co-host, Ed McMahon, also helped him a lot. Carson’s guest on the 5th May 1977 episode was the talented American comedian Chevy Chase. The Late-Night star flawlessly pulled off the Carson Show every night & this was no different.

Chevy Chase and Johnny Carson

It would have been difficult to find a host like Carson anytime soon. His show moved at a slow pace and was different from modern-day shows. His interviews were relaxed and lasted longer. His guests came to the television show, shockingly not to promote but to sit down and chat with Carson.

As a result of the slow-paced interviews, Carson could ad-lib and comment on the notions spontaneously. His guests loved his gentle and witty way of talking to them. Even Chase was comfortable and made light jokes while speaking to the host.

Chevy Chase and Johnny Carson

Carson and Chase spoke about several topics. These included his interest in the Frost/Nixon interviews, his exit from “Saturday Night Live,” his marriage to Jacqueline Carlin, and his injury while working on “SNL.” Chase’s wife was sitting in the audience during the interview.

The talented comedian Chase even spoke about his athletic experience and his first trademark, “comedy fall.” He did a small demonstration of his physical comedy and made everyone laugh. The random pieces of the show and Carson’s few unexpected moments played out became the show’s highlight, making it one of the best late-night talk shows of all time.

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Chevy Chase shows Johnny his hilariously famous \