“She POURS Coca Cola on Chicken Wings. The Result? INSANELY DELICIOUS!”

We all love those delicious, juicy chicken wings! And so many times we have paired it with our favorite beverage, Coca-Cola. Yes, it a great beverage. But have you ever thought of combining the two? Yes, you heard that right! This means you would be making chicken wings with Coca-Cola!

In this video, May Lynn shows you how to go about it. She demonstrates the making of these awesome chicken wings with coca cola and soy sauce to get nothing short of amazing. The former adds a very crispy, caramelized flavor to the dish.

The recipe is simple, yet delicious! You can try it out yourself to enjoy a good plate of chicken wings. Do try it and let us know how it goes. Also, if you have other such exciting ideas, we would love to hear them. https://youtu.be/tVfYnm81ywo