Cheeky Chihuahua Puppy Faces Off With Great Dane (And Steals My Heart!)

Chihuahua and Great Dane playing togetherAt a dog park one sunny day, Lilly, a tiny Chihuahua pup, finds herself a gentle giant to play with. She comes across a full-grown Great Dane called Vago, and the game is on! Despite being even smaller than the Great Dane’s head, Lilly bounces and romps with great gusto with her new-found friend and it is very amusing to watch.

Judging by his gentle response, Vago may be used to the boisterous ways of puppies. At first, he nudges her little paw with his huge foot to invite her to play. 

Chihuahua and Great Dane play.Then he lies down so his great head is on eye-level with his tiny playmate as she yips and pounces with excitement. The fearless little pup dances around his face, falling down and bouncing up again, yapping with sheer joy.

When Vago lifts his head to give his pal a little sniff, she has to stand on her hind legs to reach his nose. Perhaps feisty little Lilly doesn’t know she’s so tiny, but she thinks she’s a huge, frisky dog. It is truly adorable to see how gentle Vago is and how much fun the two are having.

Make sure you don’t miss this heart-warming encounter, watch the video and share it with all your friends – the big ones and the little ones.

Dane and Chihuahua have the same adorable problem: They each don’t know how big/small they are and they’re too cute!

Cheeky Chihuahua Puppy Faces Off With Great Dane (And Steals My Heart!)