This Chihuahua Is Seeing Bubbles For The First Time. Watch His Reaction! Just Too Adorable!

Like a little human baby, dogs are really curious about their surroundings. Whenever they are presented with some new materials they have never seen, they act like a baby and starts to explore these things with their mouth or paws. This tiny Chihuahua is having a similar situation in this video.

Audrey, this adorable little Chihuahua is having an experience of his life time. This joyous day for him started with the shower of bubbles and ended with bubbles. Curious about the little flying soap bubbles, Audrey chases and tries to catch these bubbles from his paws and even mouth. Unfortunately he is unable to catch them. But don’t underestimate him! He surely doesn’t want to get defeated and continues his adventure of catching these little devils.

Watching little Audrey chasing and popping bubbles without a single care in the world just made my day. I am sure you will feel the same. Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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