Child cuts her own locks. When dad sees it her reaction is precious

Kids are all susceptible to letting their curiosity get the better of them from time to time. They just want to explore everything the world has to offer. More times than not the adventures of a toddler are pretty harmless and really cute, which isn’t so much the case with this little cutie that had to learn a pretty hard lesson the hard way.

No one is quite sure where little Ashleigh got the idea to cut her own hair, because her parents surely didn’t model that behavior for her! Her little experiment goes a bit wrong here and although it all ends up being alright in the end, it’s clear that she went through some tough times before coming out the other side.

The poor little thing ends up with a mullet after removing just about all the hair that she could reach on her own. When wondered why she did it, she said “because Miss Jessica cuts hair” and she wanted to do it too! You’ll have to hang in there until the end because she asks a question that will have you really laughing hysterically.
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