Child Grows Up With 2 Gorillas. 12 Years Later, They Meet In The Wild. I’m In Awe!

Initiatives and movements that promote the reintegration of wild creatures into their environment are amazing! They are true selfless, labors of love. It’s awesome to be able to help this majestic creature in some way, especially so they don’t lose their natural behavior.

For over 15 years, conservationist Damian Aspinall has been working to reintroduce captive gorillas to the wild. In 2003, Damian released Djalta and Bimms — two western lowland gorillas he raised from when they were babies — into the forests of West Africa. Over the years, Damian revisited the pair of gorillas, but He wasn’t sure if they would remember Tansy, the once little girl who was raised right alongside her gorilla friend, Tansy hadn’t seen them in 12 years. So, in 2014, Damian brought Tansy into the wild to try and find Djalta and Bimms.

But after spending a few peaceful moment with the pair, Damian felt it was okay for Tansy to reunite with them. He ushers her over to the thick forest of which Djalta and Bimms call home. Tansy slowly makes her way over, a bit hesitant at first — but within minutes, something absolutely incredible begins to take shape.

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