Child Predator Stalks Little Girl At Target, But This Teen Refuses To Let Him Take Her

We have heard some remarkable stories of courage. Often the stories refer to policemen or servicemen protecting our lives and our freedom. There are also cases when children or teenagers step up to help. There was a case when three small children were playing outside their home with their mother watch out the window. They were pushing a stroller with their baby brother inside it. Suddenly, a teenager comes out from nowhere and grabs the baby.

He takes off figuring the small children would not be able to do anything. He was probably right, he could easily outrun the small children. Even if they caught up to him they were 5, 6 and 7 years-old. Much to his surprise, the children started chasing him and screaming all the way. A couple of teenagers were nearby with their bicycles alongside them. One of them was helping one of his friends more a couch when he heard the children screaming. After finding out what was going on, they started pursuing the kidnapper. They caught up with him and was arrested. The baby is back at his home.

These heroes can appear in the least expected places like at your local Target store. One quiet evening at a Boston Target a woman and her son are doing some shopping. They had already bought most of the things they needed and were looking at some things before leaving. The woman’s son, Cameron is looking at some stuff when he sees something that catches his eye.

He sees a little girl inside the store and a strange man apparently following her. Cameron got suspicious and decided to get closer. He tried to see if the little girl’s mother was near but he couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly, the weird man thrusts himself into the scared little girl. The little girl looked startled. Cameron goes up to the man who has a demonic look on his face, according to Cameron.

It was then that Cameron knows knew he had to do something about it. He goes up to the man and asks him if he knows the little girl. The man gives an answer that makes Cameron even more suspicious. The man says: “I’m not a pervert, I’m not a pervert.” Cameron thinks that this answer is just odd and tells the man: “I didn’t ask you that Sir,” and asks him again if he knew the little girl. The strange man decides to leave and runs away voicing something. Targets cameras film the man as he gets into a vehicle parked at a parking lot. When the little girl’s mother finally appears, Cameron explains what happened and she was relieved.

The little girl’s mother was not with her because she was in the bathroom. If it hadn’t been for this courageous young man, the pervert would probably have gone far away with the little girl. Let this serve all of us as a warning. If you ever need to go to the bathroom, take your little son or daughter with you. Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry. The little girl’s mother says that Cameron was an angel sent there to protect her. Cameron says that he did it because he felt he had to protect the little girl. According to his mother, this is within Cameron’s character, “If he sees something wrong, he’ll do something about it.” Cameron’s mother said.