2 Chilling Voices Sing “You Raise Me Up,” But Suddenly Surprises Everyone When Hundreds More Join In

Child prodigies are really something else. Born with natural brilliance and talents that are unmatched, they tend to hold a mastery over arts and academics, inspiring other people all around them. It’s truly amazing what amazing abilities these baby geniuses can be born with. In the video below, you’ll see a performance by two wonderful singers who are no doubt going to take on the world someday. Jeffrey Li and Celine Tam might appear young and adorable, but you’ll be blown away by their vocal abilities!

When they took the stage, the dynamic duo began singing “You Raise Me Up,” a well-known song originally written and performed by Secret Garden. The Irish-Norwegian pair’s hit became more popular thanks to the Irish group Westlife as well as other artists like Josh Groban, Andre Rieu, and Celctic Woman. These kids are really taking the song to the next level though, as their duet is beyond breathtaking. It’s an incredibly moving and unique rendition of a beloved song, and you’re going to be stunned when you hear it!

With more than 40 million views on YouTube, it’s clear that these amazing kids are loved by people across the globe. They were given the opportunity to be featured on Steve Harvey’s show, Little Big Shots. Two years after the performance you’re about to see, Celine auditioned for America’s Got Talent and was immediately accepted. These kids are bound to achieve anything they set their minds to as they grow older, because they’re definitely chock full of natural talent!

You won’t want to miss this uplifting and stunning performance by these young kids. You’ll probably be seeing their names in lights in a few years, after all! After watching, make sure you share this inspiring video with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments below!