These Chimps Were Caged All Their Lives. Watch How They React After The Rescue? I’m In Tears!

These chimpanzees were caged in a metal laboratory for 30 years. I couldn’t hold my tears when I saw this tear jerking video. I can’t imagine even imagine the torture and suffering these chimpanzees were able to go through, their entire life.

Even though experiments on animals are hugely criticized, still many gruesome experiments are held on animals. As a sane human, I feel really sad reading about their heart breaking condition.

These chimpanzees on the video were held captive for all their lives. Some of these chimps were smuggled from Africa. When these chimps were rescued from their cage, they showed some extreme emotion that melted my heart. I was awe-struck when some of the chimps hugged each other. When I watched this video, I simply couldn’t hold my tears.

I feel so relieved that organizations such as Austrian animal sanctuary are still working to help and rescue these animals. What do you think about this video and their rescue? Feel free to write us your comments on the section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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