Adorable chipmunk accidentally plants an oak tree


Did you ever wonder what chipmunks do all day? One curious YouTuber decided to follow and film an adorable little chipmunk she named Joony, who lives in her very own yard.


Little Joony emerges from hibernation in the springtime and feasts on the seed snack her human friend offers. Stuffing her adorable cheeks, she rushes back to one of her burrow holes.

Joony has dug dozens of holes in the yard. She lives and hides in some of these. Others she uses for seed and acorn storage. She does her best to protect her territory, but other chipmunks and squirrels sometimes find her cache.


Joony chills on the porch during the summer, snacking on tasty leftover acorns she stored from the year before and gratefully sipping on water left out by her human friend.

With a little farewell boop of her nose, Joony ventures back to the woods to search for more seeds to stash away. When the acorns ripen in the fall, she collects them for next winter’s hibernation.

Oak tree

Sometimes, Joony forgets where she’s buried some of her acorns, and they are never found by other foraging animals. Hence, Joony unwittingly becomes an environmentalist because she’s planted a brand new oak tree.

Joony’s adventures have earned her a massive online following. Who knows how many trees this little ball of fur will plant in her life?

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