Chipmunk Wakes Up One Morning On A Bed. His Morning Routine Had Me Laughing.

There are all kinds of morning rituals. Some people like to jump up and exercise. I call those people mutants. Then there are those who rise slowly, taking up to an hour to finally get out of bed once the alarm has gone off. Then there is the morning routine of the chipmunk that we see in this video. If I did the moves that he does… well, some of them, I might be a lot healthier. Then again, I might develop a bad habit of shoving a lot of things in my mouth.

We see a chipmunk on a bed, right after he woke up. He stretches out and then starts some kind of ritual where he does a bunch of different things like burying his head in the bed, slithering around on his belly, stretching, doing a “Flying Superman” kind of stretch, and just being very active. It’s much more active than my morning ritual of lying in bed wondering how many times I can hit the snooze button.

It’s almost like the chipmunk is doing yoga poses. There’s one pose called Downward Dog. What would this one be? Downward ‘Munk? It’s like he’s doing this to limber up. Is he trying to loosen up his pouches when he buries his face in the blanket? “Let’s make these pouches EXTRA big today. Gonna shove as many seeds in it as I can. Ooops. Still feels a little tight. More work! Better!”

I loved watching this video and it made me want to have a chipmunk for a pet… for about five seconds. The problem is, I have two cats and they would be in CONSTANT predator mode here. Well, one of them would, at least. The other one is afraid of her own shadow and would probably run if the chipmunk looked in her direction. Still, I allowed myself to think about what it would be like to hold this little guy in my hand… it would be fun.

How adorable was this? C’mon. Don’t be shy. It was so cute, wasn’t it? Feel free to voice your opinions on this in the comments section!

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