Simon Says Her Choice Is CRAZY — Then She Brings The House Down On Her 1st Note

Chloe Paige - X Factor - Amazing GraceWhen you enter a contest, such as The X Factor, there can be nothing more important than the song you choose to sing. And that is why the judges seemed to be astounded by Chloe Paige’s selection.

This is not only a difficult song technically it has been presented so many times that it is hard to put a new spin on it. Even seasoned performers take special care with its presentation.

With Simon’s first comment of “You’re a brave girl,” the mood of the audience changed to apprehension. But from the first few notes, Chloe had changed their skeptical attitude. Even the judgemental Simon was amazed.

“Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound…”

Chloe’s strong voice and confident delivery carried the day. By the end of the song, Simon admitted that her performance not only was worthy of moving to the next stage but was deserving of a place in the finals.

The audience was on the side with this assessment as they rose to their feet, cheering her efforts from early in the song. She demonstrated that judges’ first impressions can be entirely wrong.

Chloe Paige wants to do her family proud and she ups her game by singing unaccompanied. The Judges thinks she’s made a brave choice but was it the right one? I think the answer to that is clear.

If Chloe’s brave performance impressed you, too, then share her video because this young lady’s remarkable voice should be experienced by everyone.

Simon Says Her Choice Is CRAZY — Then She Brings The House Down On Her 1st Note