A choir mimics a thunderstorm using their hands, then they start singing…

Do you like choir music? I was brought up at church, so choir practice was an everyday thing for me. My elementary school was right next to the local church. I and my friends would hear the choir practicing during our recess and always wondered what it would be like to sing there. I guess just the fact of being in front of so many people, with them waiting to hear me perform was enough for me.

Well, one day I appeared to be in luck. The principal of the school comes in to make an announcement: the church will be conducting auditions for the choir. I didn’t really feel I could sing but decided to attend the auditions anyway. Besides, all my friends were going, so I would be able to rely on them for moral support if need be. The day came, and the participants were taken (me included) to the school auditorium. They had set up this large piano and a couple of microphones. Their auditorium had the capacity for about a couple of hundred people, but it was almost empty that day. There were only about 3 people from the church and the guy who was playing the piano.

For the audition, they would use popular folk songs that the piano player would play in different keys. I guess they were trying to see just how much range a person had (just in case they ran into a Christina Aguilera while they were there). I was like the 5th or 6th one to try out. Only one person before me had been selected and there were about 10 more people besides me waiting to audition.

Finally, it was my turn. The piano player did the first paragraph of the song like in 4 different keys. I must have done an excellent job because I was selected. Out of the 20-22 people that auditioned, only 3 of us were selected (yes, myself included). From that day on, I would start my day practicing and practiced again before going to bed. Even though my dream of singing in an international choir would not be attained, I still had experiences that I cherish to this day.

Choir for me was something very traditional. I would go to see choir shows every now and then. But out of all the performances I had ever seen, I had never seen something like the performance of the choir in the next video. What they do can be only described as extraordinary. Hold on to your hats because this starts out exciting and only gets better.