The heavenly sound of a choir singing inside an empty silo is beautiful beyond all words

Good acoustics can add an entirely new dimension into any song. That’s what happened when Bethel College Choir sang ‘Down to the River to Pray’ in an empty Grain Silo.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg, the owner of the silo, emptied the massive structure and had it cleaned all up for this outstanding rendition of this favorite hymn. Not only does this provide excellent acoustics to lift the voices of the singers, but it also creates an otherworldly effect especially suited to this song.

A film crew was on hand to capture the entire event on video, strategically placing cameras for maximum effect. The final footage was uploaded to YouTube just a few days ago, and it went viral.

The sound is so pure. It’s not a place you would expect performance to be held but this is utterly delightful to hear. A small number of musicians accompanies dozens of singers.

The echo and acoustics furnished by the grain silo will delight you.  The simplicity of this location is also stunning. This place that was built to store grain provides the perfect backdrop for this traditional religious song. The overlap from different echoes is outstanding. Imagine just walking by, and you hear music emanating from a silo without any prior context!!

It gives this traditional hymn a unique air, and it is a rendition you won’t soon forget. These college students have a God-given knack for singing, and I am so glad that they’re using this gift in such a marvelous way that we can all share.