Chris Stapleton’s Heart Wrenching Debut Music Video Shines A Light On The Pain Of Depression

When Chris Stapleton appeared at the 2015 Country Music Awards, he didn’t expect his appearance to rocket him into the limelight. But he’s become an instant country music star after his incredible performance.

Traveller, his debut album, earned him Grammy Awards and a total of four Grammy nominations, not to mention awards from the Country Music Association, Billboard, and many others. That’s a lot of attention for the artist, whose previous work did not perform as expected.

Stapleton hasn’t let the fame go to his head. Instead, he’s using his place in the spotlight to bring attention to a cause near and dear to his heart. Recently, Stapleton released his debut music video, “Fire Away”, which has the potential to shift people’s perspectives on depression.

The music video follows a couple through various stages of their lives together. Dating, buying a home, marriage. But with the videos opening scene featuring a man walking alone into a bar, the viewer is warned this is not a love story with a happy ending.

Stapleton hopes to bring attention to the nature of depression and suicide. With this video he hopes people will be able to see these factors in a new light, and reach out for resources that could save lives.

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