If You’ve Suffered A Tragic Loss, Chris Young’s Unreleased ‘Drowning’ Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Listen to “Drowning,” Country singer Chris Young’s new song about a friend gone too soon. For anyone who has experienced grief and loss, this song is for you.

“Drowning” By Chris Young Is The Song Someone Dealing With Loss Needs To Hear

This song, a haunting melody stripped down to just Chris Young’s voice and a single guitar, is written for all of us that have lost loved ones over the years.

Young wrong the song alongside frequent collaborators Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge. Talking about the creation of the lyrics, Young explains that they were each thinking of “someone that we lost way too soon;” for him, that was a best friend named Adam, who passed on a few years ago.

When you’re dealing with such a heavy emotion as grief, it can feel like you’re drowning. One minute you’re fine, and the next you’re hit with waves of memories of the person, and the frustrating knowledge they won’t be there to talk to anymore.

Songs like “Drowning” allow catharsis for those that can’t put their own feelings into words. Just listening to the song brought up experiences we’ve had that were similar to the lyrics, brought up memories of those we lost along the way. The song touched our hearts and let us ache a little bit less.