Christian Music Artists Electrify National TV with ‘Little Drummer Boy’ & Get Standing Ovation

‘Little Drummer Boy’ by for KING &COUNTRY

‘Little Drummer Boy’ by for KING &COUNTRYAustralian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone together known as the Christian pop sensation for KING & COUNTRY were invited to appear at the Country Music Awards. Their live show performing ‘Little Drummer Boy’ from CMA Country Christmas filled the stage with unconventional antics, getting the whole audience enthralled in the energy of their act.

These brothers certainly know how to get the crowd involved, taking a drum show to an all-new level of greatness. With a hard beat that keeps on banging throughout and accompaniment from an accordion, you’ve never quite heard this favorite Christmas carol quite like this. The Aussie’s voices harmonize with an eclectic sound that suits the seasoning arrangement to perfection.

Both Joel and Luke manage to shine as individual artists and as a Nashville Christian duo unlike any other. They come together with heavenly harmony of praise and worship, evoking the pure essence of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ with such power and emotion that the whole CMA Country Christmas audience could feel it. All can sense the inspirational push behind their power.

Christian Music Artists Electrify National TV with \'Little Drummer Boy\' & Get Standing Ovation