Christmas drive thru brings the magic of the holidays to thousands of drivers

Save your legs and go on one of the most magical journeys in the world. This family friendly ride brings Christmas from the comfort of your car.

People are creative, especially when it comes to the holidays. Everyone wants a family-friendly Christmas experience for their memories. Wonderland LA is it, and will inspire many more.

Wonderland LA in Woodland Hills is the first drive-thru Christmas special of its kind. You can see lights, Santa, and many other holiday-themed sights.

The scale of everything is impressive, right down to the holograms and synchronized lights. While driving by, it is sometimes hard to tell a real person from a mechanical display. The city worked hard to put all of this together, and it shows with the details.

Wonderland LA is a family orientated drive-thru that provides fun for all ages. But it would be a lie to assume that the parents won’t enjoy it as much as the children.

This is a drive-thru that warrants more than one visit. They give treats, gifts and are steadily adding to the entire setup. This is the real-life North Pole that kids will never stop talking about.

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