These Christmas Lights Are Beautiful And Eco Friendly

We all love Christmas lights and how the add to the festive atmosphere of the holidays. Christmas lights really trigger the festive mood in us and signal the true start to the Christmas season, even more than sales at the mall. Christmas lights to music are a trend that has quite been famous over the years, perhaps because of the many movies that feature lights as part of the main attraction. This video shows how a house has been decorated with amazing Christmas lights and also has been accompanied by the song “Let It Go”.

The owners of the house have synchronized their lights to the tune of the song “Let It Go.” This display was set up in Texas this year, but you might wish it was set up next to you so you could watch it every evening. Did you see the saguaro cactus in the window and the synchronized flashing Christmas trees? Beautiful. You might wonder if this elaborate display has raised their electric bill to a huge extent but according to the family their set up is ultra green and it only costs $6 in electricity to run it for the winter season.

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