Her Voice Was So Strong and Moving, He Had to Set His Christmas Lights to Her Music

Christmas Light DisplayPutting up Christmas lights is an essential part of the Christmas tradition. First, you locate the boxes in the attic and then find all of the connectors to make everything work. Out comes the ladder and you are off, putting up the one or two rows of light.

Next, you are bundling your family into the car to view the lights in your neighborhood. It is thrilling to hear the gasps of appreciation as you turn the corner for a special surprise.

Christmas lights

But some folks have taken Christmas lights to a new height. In this video, the light display that is coordinated with “What Child is This?” is truly exceptional.

When this homeowner heard “What Child Is This” by Elle Zamudio from the “Bold Christmas” Album, he became inspired. He said, “Elle’s voice is so strong and moving we had to set our lights to her music.”

Since the carol, “What Child Is This?” is not a light-hearted song, like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, it takes care and thought to use it while respecting its divine message.

This light display starts off reflecting the somber beat of the music. It acts almost as if it were a heartbeat. Then it bursts into glory to represent the child of God.

Now, I’ve seen some Christmas light displays in my time, but this one is in a class all by itself. So much thought was put into this and it’s beyond breathtaking to behold.]

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