Chubby corgi was obsessed with cats; Mom adopted his kitty friends

Corgi puppy and kittens

Whenever Rooney, a corgi, saw cats, she would get super excited. So, her mom Natalie thought about getting her a new cat. To ensure that this was a good decision, they started fostering. Although Rooney was afraid of the foster kittens, she wanted to be close to them.

Corgi puppy

Olive, the foster cat, stayed with the family, but her other sibling had to go back. So, it was just Olive and Rooney. Both of them bonded really well. They would play with each other and jump from one place to another. She was Rooney’s favorite cat. Soon Natalie decided to foster a second litter. This time, she fostered two adorable black kittens.

The two of them did not know what to think of Rooney. It was straightforward to get attached to the little ones. Natalie knew she had to adopt them. Both the kittens started to live with their new family.

Corgi puppy and kittens

Rooney always followed her mom everywhere and enjoyed boat rides. The corgi even went on planes and swam in the ocean. Rooney loved people. Olive, on the other hand, was feral. However, both Rooney and Olive were inseparable.

The other kittens were more docile. However, they were amusing and very sociable. Nai’a, one of the cats, had her own little world. She would pick up little sticks or dead leaves and carry them around like a dog. Natalie had never seen a cat do such a thing before. Another cat named Bobbie was just the cutest little cat who loved snuggles.

Corgi puppy and kitten

Natalie’s boyfriend had previously had a cat that would go hiking with him. So, the couple took Rooney, Olive, Nai’a, & Bobbie to the beach. Rooney was like their safe space. All the kittens were funny except Olive, who was unhappy about something.

The corgi was all over the kittens at the beach, and when they got home, Olive was grooming Rooney. Having three kittens altogether was like taking care of human toddlers for the parents. Still, they would simply give much joy to everyone. Natalie believed she ended up having three small dogs that purred.

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Chubby corgi was obsessed with cats; Mom adopted his kitty friends