Church’s Hilarious ‘Christmas According To Kids’ Video Goes Viral

The Christmas Story Through the Eyes of Small Children – A Humorous Viral Presentation

As we know children’s recollection of stories they have heard can turn out quite different from the original, or if they do not drift too far off from the original, they tend to add some new extra bits and pieces to make it more colorful. For this reason, over the years there were many tongue in the cheek TV shows, centered around the vivid imaginations and creativity of the young ones, in recollecting and processing facts and information.

Using this flaw in the narrative of the Christmas story, the adults of the Southland Christian Church in Kentucky decided to exploit this in creating a Christmas story with the difference. With the children recollecting the story in their own voices, the grown-ups, dressed in appropriate garments, act out the narrative word by word.

og1 Church’s Hilarious ‘Christmas According To Kids’ Video Goes Viral

The initiative of the church to present the Christmas story from this childlike perspective had earned them instant fame when the video went viral with over 3.5 million views. This video is not recommended to be used for any educational purposes and tend to drift, here and there, from the real facts. Enjoy the performance!