Little girl and father sing ‘America the Beautiful’ in fantastic duet

Claire Crosby and her father Dave Crosby

Claire Crosby and her father sing a beautiful duet of ‘America the Beautiful’ while visiting various majestic destinations. Their performance starts with Claire running on a shore, her toes dipping into the seawater.

Small waves crash against the beach, turning into foam, and the sun sets over the horizon. The sand and water catch the yellow-orange light as it dances across their surface.

Claire starts to sing, and her voice is angelic. She walks with the sun behind her like a halo. Then he strolls through a field of wheat, touching them with her fingertips.

Claire Crosby and her father Dave Crosby

Flowers and rolling hills surround her, and then she finds herself in a forest. The countless trees are old and have grown tall towards the heavens, and Claire reaches out and touches the aged bark.

Her father joins her in singing, and his voice is soothing and sweet. Together they pay homage to the nature of their home, and Claire looks especially small and precious next to her dad.

For their finale, they perform on vast salt flats accompanied by a full orchestra. A strong wind blows against them, and Claire’s fabulous red dress dances with it.

They finish their wonderful song. Each place they stand is an incredible sight to behold. The sands, sun, forest, fields, and salt flats were their concert grounds.

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Little girl and father sing \'America the Beautiful\' in fantastic duet