4-Year-Old Closes Her Eyes to Sing a Classic Christmas Carol and Everyone Is in Love

Silent Night sung by Claire RyanThis little girl is spreading Christmas cheer this year with this extraordinary performance of Silent Night.

Her name is Claire Ryann and at just 4 years old she is turning heads with her version of the traditional Christmas carol.

Christmas Music sung by Claire Ryan She is known for spinning the magic of song in every song she sings. Her singing was initially introduced to us by her father.

It is heart-rending to hear a child as young as Claire Ryann so passionately and with such expression. There is no question she sure loves to sing.

You might also remember the time when little Claire sang with her dad as he played his guitar. Ever since, sweet, tiny Claire has continued to sing her heart out.

We are all in the Christmas spirit after listening to Claire sing the classic Christmas song! Merry Christmas everyone! (See, I told you. This song really does the trick.)

Click on the video below to watch and hear this magnificent version of ‘Silent Night’, by little 4-year-old Claire Ryann. You’ll be glad you did.

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