Classic 1960s tune “Stand by Me” sung in a cappella harmony

There are many classic songs from the 1960s, but none are more popular than “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King. This famous song is reimagined in a cappella style in this video.

Straight No Chaser arranged this harmonic version of the song. The Buzztones took it to the next level. This group of talented men gives their fans a performance to remember.

The ten dashing gentlemen who make up the Buzztones are fashionably dressed and comfortably seated in front of a microphone. They sway to the beat as they sweetly harmonize together.

The blending of their voices is magical. Some of the men provide the background melody, while others lend their unique voices to give life to the lyrics that speak of true friendship.

All of them perform with smiles on their faces. You can tell they are all great friends who feel easy in each other’s company. This is the perfect song for a group that would stand by each other.

The Buzztones sound like they have been singing together for years. The flawless performance of Ben E King’s classic song will have you singing along and tapping your toes to the rhythm.

This a cappella group is the perfect example of friendship, teamwork, and the expression of the gift of song. We can’t wait to see what classic song they’ll tackle next!

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Classic 1960s tune “Stand by Me” sung in a cappella harmony