Classic Drive-In Theaters Popular Again Due to Social Distancing From Coronavirus

Drive-in movies were one of the most significant entertainment creations in American history. Being able to pull up and watch a new film in the comfort of your own car caused more people to flock to the theater. Now, they’re back in style thanks to the coronavirus outbreak.

The spread of the coronavirus is enforcing the safety measure of social distancing just about everywhere. It can be hard for people to enjoy a lot of the activities that they’re used to since it requires people to stay six feet away from people they don’t live with.

Watching movies has been a past time for millions of people, and the coronavirus isn’t going to stop that. Movie lovers like Brian Jackson and his wife Barbie now get to visit the place where they went on their first date: the Admiral Twin drive-in theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Since modern movie theaters have temporarily closed down, people are flocking to the drive-in theaters in their area to enjoy time with their loved ones. This is bringing some joy and relief to those who are looking for a bit of familiarity.