Classical music catches the attention of otters

Curious otters

Despite being carnivorous by nature, Otters are adorable animals. They look cute, and this fact has made otters find their place with humans. As a result, you will find several people with otters as pets at home.

It is a known fact that dogs get comforted by classical music. However, this holds true with otters as well is something unknown to many people. This was recently proven by a family in Japan.

The Japanese family has two Asian Small-Clawed otters whom they have named Kotaro and Hana. Kotaro is a male, and Hana is a female with a year’s gap in their age.

Curious otters

The family recently purchased a gramophone which they decided to try and play with their pet otters dancing around them. Both Kotaro and Hana seemed curious about the new thing that their owner carried in the house.

The otters thought that their owner had brought a new toy for them to play with. The family decided to play a classical song so that the otters could listen and enjoy.

To the utter surprise of the family members, the two otters seem totally mesmerized by the classical tune that was being played on the new gramophone. Moreover, they seemed relaxed, just like dogs feel when classical music is being played.

Otters have a similar level of intellect to dolphins and chimpanzees. So, the sound from the gramophone was a welcome change for them as the two pets were used to television sounds.

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