He Was There To Clean That Llama’s Pen, But He Had No Idea That The Llama Would Do This

Llamas are generally considered as friendly animals, but they can be temperamental and if they don’t like something, they will certainly let you know it. But, this four-year-old llama-alpaca hybrid does not seem to like any humans around her pen, and this is one of the things she makes very clear to anyone who is around. What she does to this man who gets too close is beyond hilarious.

Animal Bytes TV producer Brian Barczyk wanted to record some different types of experiences with animals. That is why he took up this role of zookeeper for the first time ever, and he had his camera ready at all times. But, Brian got more than he bargained for and this llama made sure he would never return to her space.

Brian usually dealt with snakes and reptiles for his videos. So, when he was given the task of cleaning a llama pen, he thought it would be an easy job. Boy, was he mistaken! He started to clean the pen, not really paying attention to the llama, and things seemed to be going fine, but then he got something he never expected. The llama attacked him. After many attempts to fend off his attacker, he finally gave up and ran for his life.

I think llama wanted her pen for herself. She didn’t want any stranger taking over her pen, so she finally got rid of Brian. Tell us what you think in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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