Clever bird takes fur from sleepy fox

A sleepy fox had his peaceful nap interrupted by an enterprising bird looking for materials for his nest.

A sleepy young fox did not expect to have his peaceful nap interrupted, especially not by a little bird. But then a black-crested titmouse went searching for nesting materials.

The enterprising bird jumps onto the fox’s legs, waking him repeatedly while looking for the fur to pluck. The fox half-heartedly snapped at him a few times.

However, it was clear that the fox wanted nothing more than to slumber in peace, so eventually, he gave up and went back to sleep, leaving the bird to work.

Undisturbed, the bird pluck strands of fur directly from the fox’s body, eventually coming up with a mouthful of light-colored hair.

It was a successful haul for the industrious bird, who uses the fur to fluff up the nest. And despite the early interruption, it was a peaceful rest for the fox.

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