He Climbs The Bird Feeder To Steal Some Seeds, But Watch His Epic Fail

If you had no idea that people actually need and make squirrel-proof bird feeders, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Before I watched the video below, I had no idea of it myself, and something tells me the little squirrel friend in the video had no idea himself, either! This video is quickly going viral, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s just too silly and hilarious not to share. This unsuspecting squirrel will make your day trying to be a stealthy thief, but failing miserably at it.

A mischievous and determined squirrel was trying to steal some seeds from his feathered neighbors that some humans feed them on a special bird feeder. These feeders are designed to spin, so that if anything heavy clings on to it, it immediately falls off. Well, not so immediately if you’re like the tenacious squirrel in the clip! He gets quite a ride when he latches on to this bird feeder.

The furry friend clings on to the feeder and is spun around like a ragdoll, and after being sent flying away hilariously, this determined little fella still keeps trying to steal the food that the people left there, alone. Squirrels don’t know anything about wild birds and feeding, but they sure do know about seeds and he just wanted to take a little bit for himself!

Watch this hilarious attempt at a seed heist made by a lone squirrel, in the clip right below here and be sure to share it on social media so all of your friends can have a good laugh as well!

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