This Clingy Cat Loves Showing His Love For His Human! Awww!

When pitted against dogs, cats usually get a bad reputation and a lot of judgement from dog lovers. Being independent, self-interest fueled animals, which are incapable of a genuine bond with their humans, are amongst some of the claims of pet-owners that do not empathize with cats. Some just jump to the conclusion that cats are simply mean spirited animals, not fit to be companions to humans.

I’ve had both dogs and cats and I can say with full confidence that these claims are not true at all. Turns out that cats, just like dogs, have different personalities, the main difference is that Cats require a lot more bonding and positive experiences with humans to truly respect their bipedal, fur-less, friends. Added to this, if the kitty was neglected, it will be even thornier, just like abused dogs.

My cat was a very angry kitten, but now that he knows that I only want him to be safe and well and still humor his playtime he is very calm and open with other humans. The cat below if a perfect example of just how loving and clingy cats can be, once you have earned their respect and proven to be a good human to them.

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