This Clip Shows 9 Months Of Life In The Womb In Just Minutes….Just Incredible!

What parent hasn’t been filled with dread to hear the age old question of “where do babies come from?”  It’s a source of discomfort and probably the reason why so many fables around the topic exist.

The most famous fable about birth is most likely the story of the stork. In case you were never subject to this one, look up! You may spot a stork carrying a bundle of cloth in its mouth on its way to drop off the child inside on the steps of the new parents to be.   This will work to distill a child’s curiosity for only so long as well as rob them of the beautiful truth behind the miracle of life.

In the clip included here, you will see the mind blowing footage of the entire nine month process of pregnancy condensed down into 4 minutes!  This video is a great reminder of just how amazing life is and it takes us through the whole process from fertilization, through cell division, to the formation of organs and other parts of the full body.  Breathtaking seems to be an understatement here and you will most likely want to view this clip again and again.

Such an amazing miracle captured and edited down to only 4 minutes!

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