Close Your Eyes And Hear Someone Say “Coca-Cola”, Open Your Eyes And Get SHOCKED!

Our pets are part of our family and being part of a family means you learn new things – the likes and interests of your family members. Communication is one big part of family life and this dog shows us just how attached she is to her family!

When her human asks her to say Coca-Cola, the words that come out sound suspiciously like “ruh-roh Roraaaah”, which in my eyes (or should I say ears) is close enough. But when her human asks her to say Hello Laura, that’s when I got floored! The dog is definitely making the effort, even while getting distracted by the child and the other house dog in the video.

There are many things to take Phoebe’s attention away, but she still manages to communicate in what could pass as English. Hey – she’s doing better than many people I know! LOL!

Now I’m wondering what can we expect next from Phoebe. What would you like her to say next? Any ideas? Send in your suggestions in the comments below!

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