Clumsy Baby Goats Meet Adorable Lemon Beagle. The Results Are Pure Gold.

Goats are some really fun animals to watch. Every time I take my son to a petting zoo, they are the first area I head to. One of them even knows that people are likely to feed him and he runs up and props himself against the fence while stretching his neck out. That’s cute enough, but add a dog to the mix and it becomes even more adorable. Take a look at this video if you don’t believe me…

We see a lemon beagle named Maymo meeting two baby goats for the first time. The goats are adorable, but they seem to have a basic problem – staying upright once leaping onto something, be it a box or a sofa. Sometimes they can’t even get the whole ‘jumping’ part right. Eh. Who cares? They are so cute to even look at. I would only be mildly annoyed if they wound up knocking something over and breaking it.

Maymo is curious at first when watching these baby goats. But I guess that seeing the same thing over and over got a bit boring. By the end of the video, he’s laying on the sofa and possibly counting in his head: “One… two… three… Jump! One… Fall! What a surprise.” They do get along famously though, since there are other videos in the series. But I can imagine how that initial meeting got a little stale.

One can only imagine what went through Maymo’s head when the goats first came up to him. “These are very strange looking dogs. They smell funny too.” It was a fun introduction though, and he seems like a good sport. Then again, almost every beagle that I have met has been a very friendly sort. That’s why he made the perfect companion for these two babies. They all are such great friends!

Weren’t the goats SO cute? Maymo was adorable too. Would you have your dog hang out with those goats? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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