CMT trio Tanya Tucker, Brandi Carlile, & Trisha Yearwood sing “Delta Dawn”

The CMT Music Awards honors the best singers in country music and features some incredible performances. In this video, an all-star collaboration of female singers performs the song “Delta Dawn.”

Tanya Tucker’s famous ballad about a girl from a small town who is just a little bit different from everyone else was the shining star of the CMT Music Awards.

But Tanya was not the only one to sing her hit song. Brandi Carlile and Trisha Yearwood chimed in with their vocals. When you think you can’t handle all this awesomeness – there is more.

Even more country ladies take the stage. By the end of the song, the CMT stage is filled with an impressive number of talented women from the country music world.

As the camera pans to the packed audience, other famous country singers and fans sing along to “Delta Dawn.” This one performance country music fans are not likely to forget.

No matter what your taste in country music, there is no denying the unbelievable cooperation and camaraderie it took to bring these women together on stage. What an unforgettable performance to witness!

“Delta Dawn” is an iconic song by Tanya Tucker. Her collaborative performance with other incredible country singers like Brandi Carlile and Trisha Yearwood made the CMT Music Awards an unforgettable experience.

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CMT trio Tanya Tucker, Brandi Carlile, & Trisha Yearwood sing “Delta Dawn”