Co-workers and best friends suddenly discover this incredible coincidence!

Whenever we start a new job, it’s always a fun time meeting new colleagues, forming relationships and getting to know the ropes. Sometimes you’ll get really lucky and meet a friend for life – someone you really connect with and get on with like a house on fire. And maybe sometimes, the connection is so strong – there might just be a little more to it!

Eun-Sook and Pok-Nam Shim became firm friends when they were offered nursing positions at a hospital in Sarasota, Florida – especially because they had similar backgrounds, both emigrating from South Korea in the 1970’s. But as time wore on and their friendship blossomed, they realized there was much more than meets the eye to this fledgling relationship!

The pair were actually long-lost sisters, separated shortly after birth because they were born to an alcoholic father. They both went to the United States, adopted by two different families, one in Virginia and one in upstate New York. Although some 300 miles apart for around 40 years, the two inexplicably found themselves working in the same medical center. Slowly but surely, their story started to come to light and the result is astonishing!

Not only were they hired by the same hospital, but as fate would have it, they were offered the same shift on the same floor! It seemed that the universe had conspired to bring them together once more. They both knew of the other’s existence but had no way of knowing where or how they could find each other. What an incredible coincidence!

Realising there was more than a few similarities between their stories, the pair finally decided to get confirmation once and for all and they took that all-important DNA test – which came up positive! Imagine discovering your co-worker is, in fact, your long-lost sister who you’ve barely ever known and been apart from for 4 decades! Mind totally blown!

Now known as Megan and Holly, the pair as inseparable as ever as their story went viral and the world watched in utter disbelief at such an incredible turn of events. Don’t miss the video below and share with your loved ones, especially if you’ve been reunited with a long-lost sibling too! And take this opportunity to reach out to someone you’ve not seen in a long time – family is very important after all!