This Cockatiel Does Something Unexpected When He Hears “Another One Bites The Dust!” Hilarious!

This cockatiel featured in the video is going to teach you how to be a rock god and a dancing fool! He is named Snowball and this cutie here is quite the dancer. He is “self-taught” and wasn’t trained at all. But his sense regarding rhythm is so defined and amazing that this beautiful bird is actually getting studied by scientists!

Snowball lives at a sanctuary for birds, and he’s one of the most charismatic and well-liked birds there, partly because of his dancing ability and partly because he is charming and so likeable. I don’t know the story of how he came to be at the sanctuary, but they are sure are happy to have him there. He has many clips on the Internet and is getting pretty famous!

When the music starts, “Another One Bites The Dust” is playing loud and clear. Snowball starts rocking out in seconds. His “hairdo” actually matches his steps. The feathers on his head move to the beat, and so do his feet! And he doesn’t just repeat the same movements over and over. He’s learned to change it up!

This is seriously one of the most awesome videos I have seen. Snowball is considered to be one of the only animals that can change his steps to match the beats. He can even improvise his moves according to the music he is listening to.

Now cockatiels are known to be performers but this is just something else! Watch Snowball dancing his heart out in the video below and let us know what you thought of it!

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