Cockatiel Whistles Theme Song For ‘Addams Family’. Wait Until You See How He Does ‘Finger Snaps’.

There are so many birds out there that can imitate things that they hear from the movies. They can recite lines of dialogue. They can sing songs that they hear on the radio. It’s fascinating what can come out of the beaks of birds. Parrots, of course, are mainstays from pirate times. Then there’s this cockatiel that we see in this video. He does a really cool rendition of a classic TV show theme song.

We hear the familiar… OK, let me start again. We people of a certain AGE will recognize “The Addams Family” theme song. Kids might hear it and think, “Wow! Cool! This would be great for a show. Then we will want to sit down and cry because we are old. Anyways… the bird whistles the first part and then instead of snapping his fingers, since he has none, he taps his beak on the dresser to simulate it. I know that they have tough beaks, but my nose hurt in sympathy.

Although a bird bonking his beak on a dresser to imitate fingers snapping is pretty funny, the part that made me chuckle the most was when another bird walked past him without even pausing to look at him like, “What are you DOING to your head?” I guess this is a regular thing around that household, so everyone else is unfazed by the sound of a bird whistling a TV theme song and smacking his beak on a dresser…

Although “The Addams Family” has long been off the air and the movie reboots also getting longer in the tooth by the year, any savvy television or movie producer should think about getting this cutie to record the opening theme song. She provides percussion too, so there’s no need to hire a drummer. Talk about a way to save on your overall budget… This birdie deserves to be a superstar, no matter the platform.

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