Cockatiel’s Mommy Puts On “Another One Bites The Dust.” I Was Amazed By His Performance.

There are a lot of bird dancing videos out there. They aren’t as plentiful as cat videos, but they are pretty darn close. It’s hard to stand out among all the others, but Snowball the Cockatiel does manage to do that. Part of it is because I love the song that he dances to in this video, but it’s also because he’s got a great sense of showmanship. You’ll have to watch this and decide for yourself if you agree.

Within seconds we hear the beginning of the legendary Queen song, “Another One Bites The Dust.” Snowball starts dancing along with it in perfect synch. If his mommy had put a little microphone on a stand, it would have been like watching the bird version of the late Freddie Mercury. He’s got the moves and he lets the music take over. There’s nothing more that this bird loves doing than dancing to this.

He’s got a better sense of rhythm than I do, that’s for sure. I also love how his headpiece moves up and down to the song too. Freddie would be proud if he saw this video. Hey, he loved anything with flair, that’s for sure. He might have even had Snowball join him on tour. Wouldn’t that have been something, having him dance in front of a large stadium full of Queen fans? I would have watched it.

Snowball is pretty popular, it seems. He has his own t-shirt and other merchandise. His mommy isn’t capitalizing on his success for her, though. She wants to use all the money to build a bird habitat. I would donate if she used some of that to build a giant concert stage. He deserves to rock out in a true place befitting his love for music. For now, we’ll have to enjoy watching these videos.

Wasn’t Snowball adorable? Wouldn’t you agree that the concert stage would be a perfect thing for him?

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