A cockatoo can’t contain his excitement when he sees daddy coming home from work.

The connection people have with animals has been one of the most researched in history. Why it is that some animals seem to bond with some people more than others is anyone’s guess. What’s more important to remember is why it is that people get pets in the first place. Why do you think this is? People get pets for distinct reasons but the most important is companionship.

People have an inner need to be understood and listened to. But how is it that a pet can accomplish this without being able to talk? Well, for starters most dogs, cats, and birds we normally adopt are social animals to begin with. This means that they enjoy the company of others. If the person is kind to them, the happier they are going to be to see them.

This reality has been captured in videos across the Internet. Videos of soldiers coming home or even guys coming home from work fill our screens with warmth because of the loving displays by the dogs who cannot wait for their owners to enter their home. Once they do, they seem to go a little bit wild and cannot express how happy they are.

But how about other animals? I mean, dogs have been famous for these displays of happiness, but have you seen any other animal behaving this way? I once saw a video of a cat that would wait for her owner every afternoon. She would be waiting by the fence and as soon as the owner got out of the car. She would start meowing so loud that she would get his attention immediately.

The owner said in the video that this would be an everyday occurrence and even started recording before he got home. I’ve seen other cases where animals and people that had cared for them in the past have also been reunited. Such is the case of lions who had been rescued by biologists when they were cubs and get a chance to see them many months or even years after. When they see them, these lions melt in the arms of the scientists.

Another of those cases is the one in the following video. This time it is not a dog, a cat or even a lion, it’s a cockatoo! This cockatoo is waiting by the window because he believes he has just heard daddy coming home. He takes a look out the window and sees daddy walking to the door. The cute cockatoo cannot contain himself! Check out the video to see the cute story!