Cockatoo has funny reply, but what question did dad ask?

Animals have so many unique personalities. Some are perpetually friendly. Others are more aloof. Some are active. Others are so lazy that you practically have to bring them their food for the day. It’s all part of the wonderful tapestry of nature that populates this planet that we call Earth and also home. That said, I think that the bird that we see in this video has possibly the most unique one of all.

We see a man named Max sitting on a sofa while holding a cockatoo named Pebble. The two of them are engaged in a conversation and Pebble is a riot to behold. She keeps moving her head around every few seconds. It’s distracting at first but then you get used to it. This is one cool bird and Max seems like a pretty laid-back fellow. He’s obviously used to how she acts… and isn’t afraid to put his hand near her face – he even comments that the only time she nips at him is when she doesn’t want to go back into her cage.

Max and Pebble adore each other. He’s not afraid to be cheeky to her too. There’s one part of the video where it seems like she’s spinning her head all the way around. He calls her out on it, saying that it looks like her head is spinning around. If this were a horror movie, that would be the part where the bird suddenly bellows “SILENCE, MORTAL!” and devours him quite messily while the audience shrieks in the theater.

No such thing happens here. Max gives her affectionate strokes on the head and she loves every second of it. They even give each other kisses at the end… no, not THOSE kinds, you weirdos. He kisses her on the cheek and she kisses his cheek. They love spending time together, obviously, since Max makes more videos of them. The duo seems to be pretty popular on YouTube. This video had been seen over 3 million times since it was uploaded in February 2016. That’s pretty impressive.

Wasn’t Pebble adorable, even with her weird head gyrations? Have you had a cockatoo that behaves like that? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.