This Cockatoo Is Going To The Vet Again. But How He Reacts To It? This Will Leave You Floored!

I have never seen a pet who likes visiting a vet. And there are many videos showing hilarious reactions of pets who refuse to go anywhere near a vet. This video is far more hilarious than any other such pet videos.

Max, a cockatoo, gets vocal whenever he sees his carrier. He knows that his open carrier means it is time for a vet visit. And he simply does NOT like that.

Most talking birds can copy human language exactly as it is. But, this bird seems to have caught his tongue. I cannot understand a word. Well, his owner doesn’t have problem understanding him.

This reaction of Max is both precious and adorable. You will be unable to control your laugh once you watch this video. What do you think about this video? We’d love to hear from you!

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